MapZine Vol – 1, 2023-24 eBook (PDF)


MapZine is an unconventional, revolutionary approach to Map-work preparation for UPSC aspirants.

Features of Map-Zine:

  • Stay updated with the latest places in the news.
  • Experience top-quality, visually captivating, region-specific maps.
  • Engage with map-based questions on current affairs.
  • Gain insights through detailed solutions and explanations.
  • Hone your mapping skills with provided practice maps.

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You pick a bright, colourful magazine and a dull, boring day turns into an interesting one just with a flip of the cover. Such is the power of colour and visuals. Based on the saying that goes: A Picture Says a Thousand Words, we have come up with an unconventional, revolutionary approach to Map-work preparation for UPSC aspirants.

The Map-zine is unique in the way that its approach is rooted in neurological science-based learning – equally focusing on both halves of the brain. Because of its easy comprehensive nature, this not-another-ordinary-book of maps starts with an explanation on its usage and ends with a lot of practice-based learning along the way.

  • Related to the current happenings across the globe.
  • Practice maps to keep a tab on progress.
  • Corresponding video-lectures to supplement learning.

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  • After you download the files, you can use them on any device that can display PDF files, be it a mobile, tablet or computer
  • Maps provided within these eBooks are approximate representations intended for the purpose of practice and learning only. Any inaccuracy/discrepancy is entirely unintentional. Neither the publisher nor the author or seller shall be held liable for the same in any manner whatsoever. All kinds of feedback are welcome and helpful.


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