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As you may already know we plan to publish six-volume throughout the year to exhaustively cover all map-related material with respect to Current Affairs. The following table provides approximate guidelines for the coverage of material across the different volumes.

Places in news

Mapwork is one of the most complicated learning requirements of many of the present day examinations. It demands great attention to detail across a large volume of information. Not only is Mapwork a challenge for exam aspirants, it is also a difficult proposition for authors and publishers.

While it is not a viable option to leave out information, packing too much of it is also not conducive to learning.

We have tried our best to make the maps given in the book visually appealing and content-rich.

The most obvious and effective way of learning is a little bit at a time. So rather than confounding the student with broad and wastefully general maps we have taken smaller and specific regions in this book for greater understanding and retention.

Furthermore, we have tried to ensure that the student has an opportunity to practice the newly acquired learning with relative ease by providing practice maps.

But the primary feature that sets our effort apart is something else. Almost all examinations these days are gravitating towards a more Current-Affairs-centric approach. Not matter what the topic or subject, the questions framed these days are mostly related to the current happenings across the globe. We have identified this pattern and set our questions relevant to the most important current-affairs topics of the present time. This is sure to benefit the examinees in a major way.




The maps provided by the Edubaba are approximate representations intended for the purpose of practice and learning only. Any inaccuracy/discrepancy is entirely unintentional. Neither the publisher nor the author or seller shall be held liable for the same in any manner whatsoever. All kinds of feedback are welcome and helpful.